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Top 50 Best Running Retailers in America

November 29, 2010

There are many great running stores in this country and there a few that have been highlighted. Franklin Resource Group used secret shoppers to go into running stores and rate them based on 20 different criteria. published the top 50 and here they are:

City Sports - 18 Locations –
Gubbins Running Company – 4 Locations –
Haddonfield Running Company – 3 Locations –
JackRabbit Sports - 3 Locations –
Marathon Sports – 6 Locations –
Maine Running Company – 2 Locations –
Medved Running & Walking Outfitters –
Pacers Running Stores – 6 Locations –
Potomic River Running – 8 Locations –
A Running Start –
Second Sole Cranberry –
Whirlaway Sports Center –
Greater Boston Running Company - 3 Locations

American Running Company –
Fit Niche - 2 Locations –
Fleet Feet Sports Huntsville –
Fleet Feet Sports Tulsa -
Jacksonville Running Company –
Raleigh Running Outfitters –
Soler’s Sports – 3 Locations –
Run On! - 5 Locations –
Runners Depot – 5 Locations –
Runners Edge –
Running Zone –
Sportspectrum -
Swag’s Sport Shoes –
Track Shack –

Big River Running Company - 3 Locations –
Bob Roncker’s Running Spot – 4 locations –
Elite Feet -
Fleet Feet Sports Chicago – 2 locations –
Fleet Feet Sports Cincinnati –
Garry Gribble’s Running Sports - 4 locations –
Gazelle Sports –
Hansons Running Shop – 4 locations –
Lincoln Running Company
Movin’ Shoes –
Naperville Running Company –
Runners High ‘n Tri –
Running Away Multisport - 2 locations –

Boulder Running Company – 3 locations –
Fleet Feet Sports Davis –
Fleet Feet Sports Tucson –
Heart & Sole Sports -
Road Runner Sports –
Salt Lake Running Company – 3 locations –
Shu’s Idaho Running Co. –
Skinny Raven Sports –
Super Jock ‘n Jill –
Wasatch Running Center –

There are several states including Minnesota that have great running stores, but are not represented on this list. If you are shopping for Running Equipment, I would suggest going to a specialty running shop as they typically have experienced runners working to assist and help you buy the right equipment for you.

Thermos partners with Under Armour to create new hydration water bottles

November 26, 2010

“The leader of the insulated beverageware category for over 100 years and a trusted brand among consumers, Thermos® is bringing its hydration offerings to a new level of performance by partnering with the ultimate sports performance brand, Under Armour®. The partnership will include a line of co-branded bottles that integrate Under Armour branding into Thermos product designs to create a superior line of performance hydration bottles.”

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Sporting Good Retailers Black Friday Ads

November 24, 2010

Here are the Black Friday ads for a few of the top sporting goods retailers. These ads are brought to you by

Dick’s Sporting Goods

Sports Authority


Bass Pro Shops

Gander Mountain


We will add new ads as we find them. These ads seem to cover most of the country, although there may be different ads in some areas.

MN hunters can register deer in new ways

November 20, 2010

“For the first time, most hunters do not have to stop in at registration stations. Instead, they can register deer online or over the phone. While it’s convenient for hunters, it may take some business away from the convenience and sporting goods stores that serve as registration stations.”

Here is the link to register the deer online or over the phone.

This will definitely hurt local outdoor business in Minnesota that rely on the traffic coming into their stores.

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Action Sports Retailer shows suspended indefinitely

November 19, 2010

“Nielsen Sports Group of San Juan Capistrano has suspended indefinitely its twice-yearly ASR Marketplace trade shows. The events, previously under the Action Sports Retailer identity, served the surf, skate and action board manufacturing and retail communities.”

The suspension of the ASR shows will not affect the Outdoor Retailer trade shows as they will continue in Salt Lake City Jan. 20-23 and Aug. 4-7 in 2011.

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How to buy Football Shoulder Pads

November 11, 2010

I recently wrote a guide on football pads and protection and now plan on covering football shoulder pads. Here is the characteristics of shoulder pads by position:


  • Look for lightweight pads that won’t ride up high to limit your head movement or field of vision.
  • If your team uses the option and you are part of the running game, you should consider a shoulder pad made for running backs or defensive backs.

Running Back, Wide Receiver and Defensive Back

  • If you play on of these positions you want a pad that’s lightweight and won’t slow you down, while still absorbing the hits that you will take.
  • These pads also are designed to provide flexibility and unrestricted movement.

Fullbacks, Tight-Ends and Linebackers

  • If you play these positions you should consider pads that use a plated front rather than laces.
  • Plated fronts do not require as much adjustment after each hit.
  • Some pads also come with vinyl buckles instead of elasticized straps to more securely fasten the pad under the arm.


  • If you play in the trenches, you need a streamlined pad that uses fewer flaps and epaulets (the flaps that extend over the shoulder area) to prevent other players from grabbing and pulling on your pads.
  • Linemen pads often use vinyl buckles to keep them more securely fastened.
  • Elastic buckles needs to be adjusted and replaced after heavy usage. However, elastic may be preferred since it expands and contracts more easily than vinyl buckles when you breathe.

Punters & Place kickers

  • Most players in this group use quarterback pads since they are lighter and offer the best freedom of movement.


  • Youth Shoulder Pads usually price from $59.99 to $149.99. Adult Shoulder Pads range from $69.99 to $379.99.

How should I size Shoulder Pads?

  • To determine the proper size shoulder pads stand up straight with your arms at your sides.
  • Using a soft cloth tape, have someone measure across your back from shoulder blade to shoulder blade and round up this measurement by one half an inch.
  • When determining the proper size youth pads you will also need to know the players chest circumference by measuring (with a soft cloth tape) around the nipple line additionally you will need to know the players weight.

Evoshield – The new protectors

November 5, 2010

There’s a new player in the world of sports protection hitting the mainstream right now, and it’s Evoshield. Tired of all of the stiff plastic and bulky foam protection offered, a team of athletes and scientists teamed up to create a new line of protection for sports using state of the art materials to protect today’s athletes. The list of professional teams and college programs using Evoshield already is quite impressive and surely growing by the day. ALCS MVP Josh Hamilton uses Evoshield, and given his injury history, it’s probably a good move.

How it works versus the typical foams and plastics is it uses a 5 layer resin based material that is flexible but reacts to oxygen to harden and take impacts from fastballs, slapshots and those pesky ‘leading with your helmet’ tackles. I’m not a chemist, but it seems like the folks at Evoshield have this new age padding thing figured out, and priced their line of protection in a moderate way; given how some developing technologies enjoy the ‘Notch under astronomical’ pricing strategy.

This company seems like a hot one to check out now, and given their broad spectrum of products, they will likely have a product for the sport you play. They cover everything that conventional pads in those sports don’t cover, offering elbow guards, shin guards, arm sleeves, chest protection and many more supplemental pads and guards. The reality of parents overprotecting their kids has created a whole new market for sporting goods, and the evolution of the the college and pro game to bigger and faster athletes have made more protection necessary, opening the door for a company like Evoshield to sell an innovative new product.

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