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Top Fitness Retailer in Virginia, Maryland, & Georgia

March 31, 2011

Fitness Resource – The Fitness Equipment Experts

We connected with the experts at Fitness Resource to get some detailed insight on the fitness department of their stores.

Established in 1985, Fitness Resource opened their doors. Over the last 26 years, they are now known as a store that sells quality home fitness equipment in Maryland, Virginia and Georgia.

Fitness Resource CouponTheir success begins with helping their clients reach their fitness goals. From start to finish the Fitness Resource employees are involved and care about the future of your health. All sales reps are properly certified through the A.C.E. and hold a degree closely related to the health and fitness field.

Are you wondering what they carry? Fitness Resource is the one stop store that sells elliptical machines, treadmills, commercial treadmills, cross trainers, exercise bikes, stair steppers, rowers, home gyms, body fat calipers, dumbbells, ankle weights, Bosu Balls, exercise mats, pedometers, lifting gloves, lifting belts, medicine balls, inversion tables, weight racks.

They took their desire to find the most proven fitness brands which includes Landice, Bowflex, Everlast, Kleen, Polar, Reebok, SPRI, TKO, Pacemaster, Spirit, Vision Fitness, Octane, Lemond, & Water Rower.

If you are in the area or nearby one of their 19 locations, stop by and get the best fitness equipment with the most value. They also provide great services. Treadmill repair, elliptical repair, rower repair, home gym repair, stair stepper repair and much more!

Fitness Resource has been given the stamp of approval by!

Get fit, stay fit, & be fit with Fitness Resource – The Fitness Equipment Experts

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MLB Opening Day

March 30, 2011

The pageantry. The speculation. The sheer giddiness.

And don’t forget the fly overs, which might one of the coolest things in all of sports, especially with B2 Bombers.

MLB Opening Day is upon us, and with much, much anticipation us baseball nuts can finally stop twitching, drafting fantasy teams, and watching players numbered 70-99 play in the late innings. Opening Day is one of this countries finest occasions, with hope and promise limitless in the minds of even the most delusional Pirates fans. This day means something special to all of us, even if you hate baseball, it means the beginning of having to hear about it for another six months. And for us unfortunate northern types, Opening Day is sort of like Punxsutawney Phil on steroids, the definitive sign that, yes, someday, all this friggin snow will melt in the North. (Hopefully mentioning steroids during Barry Bonds’ trial isn’t too taboo)

Baseball is a nearly universal language, and Opening Day is like the universal baseball Christmas. For our friends in Japan, hopefully this Opening Day provides a momentary pleasant distraction from the unimaginable hardship and tragedy that they have endured in the days since their disaster. Likewise in the Latin countries, where poverty and instability runs rampant, but baseball provides a shining light over the region, where so many of the stars of the game hail from. Here in the U.S., Opening Day is not only something to share with the world, but I feel it’s something to hang our hat on. On days like this it’s hard not to proud to be an American, because only a country this awesome could play host to such a beautiful, multicity world wide event every year.

Although I’m not a huge fan of the Thursday start, Opening Day could happen in the middle of the night and it wouldn’t matter, because of its power. Many things in baseball are larger than life, and while none of them are bigger than the game itself, some of them transcend the game. This is one of those things. The boys of summer are back in their respective cities, and the wave of summertime fun and sunshine is coming with them.

Oh, and the fly overs are coming with too. Awesome!

Adidas is All In

March 28, 2011

Making a run at the big dog is tough, sometimes you get put back in your place, but sometimes you get to run alongside the big dog, and even a few times, you get to be the big dog.

Of Course, there are times when the line between big dog and little dog are blurred, In the world of footwear and apparel, this is the case. Nike is seen as the big dog, owning the market share and occupying the front of everyone’s mind. Adidas, meanwhile, is the runner up, although they boast a history and portfolio of accomplishments that would blow way any other shoe company besides the Swoosh.

But that isn’t stopping Adidas from throwing out a huge marketing campaign crossing all genres of life, and they have the star power to back it up (Katy Perry, anyone?) along with the usual suspects of sports stars under their payroll, Derrick Rose, David Beckham, etc… So if you hear from Adidas soon, that’s why.

I find it interesting that Adidas is making a big jump in the US market, already being a giant in Europe. Nike is the American Dream in shoe form, and Adidas is more of a classic import, made popular by RUN DMC. Adidas is going all in with marketing, again, a usual Nike playground, and it’s a big gamble to drop this kind of dough in Nike’s backyard. But while all of us are aware of Adidas, perhaps the push of this marketing campaign is something that pushes them past the big dog, and that kind of move is worth the risk.

Park City Mountain Resort Snowboard & Ski Rentals

March 25, 2011

This is the Disney World of Skiing & Snowboarding, in Utah that is. It is located at 1345 Lowell Avenue in Park City, Utah.

As the sun tries to push it’s rays through the cloud cover, I caught myself starring far beyond the massive mountain peaks. With over 300 inches of snow pack, I just found paradise! Good good morning to the powder & say hello to my snowboard.

Some know that traveling tends to be hard on the body, however, Salt Lake City Airport is a quick 40 minutes from the most prestigious skiing and snowboarding mountains in the US. With over 3 mountains within 5 minutes of one another, who would not want to attempt the this thrill seeking opportunity. We did.

March 24th, 2011 – Awake at 7:30am, a little jet lag, and a nice cup of coffee. Peaking out the blinds I see myself surrounded by massive mountain peaks covered in a beautiful snow-pack. At 10:00 we take off for the mountain, a very quick 10 minute drive. The skiers & boarders getting ready to test the fresh snow, I headed in to get a board rental.

Out of the car, up a couple flights of stairs, and walla, it was a miniature city. It felt just like Disney World for those of you who have experienced that. 100′s of small mom and pop retail shops. Each and everyone having it’s own unique twist. Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to shop, I was just looking for Park City Sport.

After passing about 20 shops, I spotted my destination about 20 yards away. Passing by several 100 die hard snowmen & women, I arrived. As I opened the doors to Park City Sport, it was a perfect chaos. It was full of rental seekers, and full of service.

The retail staff had this process down as if it were a production chain. Taking no less than 10 minutes to get in, fitted, payment made, and out the door. It was what I would call, ideal. The best part is the price. With a 20% coupon offered on their own site, a $1.00/day insurance fee, it ended up costing me $23.00 per day with tax. It was cheaper than checking baggage in the darn airport. Plus it was a very simple process. Visit this shop for snowboard rentals, snowboard tuning, downhill ski rentals, demo board rentals, and everything in between!

Out the door in 10 minutes, we fastened our lift ticket on and headed up to the first lift. Up, up and away.

20 or so runs later, I found my legs wobbling like the sea. I had nothing left. As we headed down the last slope, the fresh powder had turned to a perfect slush. Carving felt like a knife going through warm butter. My board gripping on any toe side or back side motion. It was quite honestly, the best snow I have ever experienced. With about 200 yards left, I followed the experienced Park City riders. All of the sudden we were snowboarding over a bridge into downtown Park City It was a very well thought out design.

With even more retail shops in front of us, we decided to grab a quick pitcher of beer to help ease the pain brought on by the day. This was a weird experience as well. You must purchase food when ordering and alcoholic beverage in the State of Utah. No ifs, ans, or buts about it. You want booze, your must order food. I guess again, this is a well thought out process. Sipping down the last gulp of beer, we strapped our skis & boards on and headed back to the main resort. Home we go.

All I can say is thank you Park City, I thought the western mountain range had the snow of a lifetime, but now I must say, you are the Spring treasure to anyone seeking a wonderful experience. Day 2 here we come!

Top Selling MLB Jerseys in 2010

March 24, 2011

Here is the list of top 20 selling jerseys according to a recent MLB press release:

I would have thought that Pujols and ARod would be higher, but they are in the top 10 lead by Jeter: 1. Derek Jeter, 2. Joe Mauer, 3. Roy Halladay, 4. Chase Utley, 5. Cliff Lee, 6. Albert Pujols, 7. Josh Hamilton, 8. Dustin Pedroia, 9. Alex Rodriguez, 10. Tim Lincecum, 11. Mark Teixeira, 12. Jason Heyward, 13. Stephen Strasburg, 14. Ryan Braun, 15. Justin Morneau, 16. Jacoby Ellsbury, 17. Ian Kinsler, 18. Ryan Howard, 19. Buster Posey, 20. Evan Longoria.

As far as team sales go, of course the Yankees lead the way as they do almost every year: 1. Yankees, 2. Red Sox, 3. Dodgers, 4 Phillies, 5. Cubs, 6. Cardinals, 7. White Sox, 8. Braves, 9. Twins, 10. Tigers

Meet Mount Everest Ski & Snowboard

March 22, 2011

We connected directly with Mount Everest, a specialty ski & snowboard shop located at 318 3rd Ave in Westwood, NJ. They had nothing but extreme things to say about their shop. Are you an accessory man that still can’t get the airdog title down? They might have some gear that you still need!

At Mt. Everest, they have eliminated the need to find another store that sells quality ski & snowboard product at a great value. Over the last decade they have provided 1000’s of customers with the expert service they deserve.

With the staff members loving the snow, they take a great deal of interest in everyone that walks through our doors.

The store shines when Woodcliff & Lake Tappan start to freeze…As a matter of fact, that is a great indicator to take your gear out of the closet, blow the dust off and get a fresh coat of wax that shines down the bottom of your skis & snowboard.

Missing or need to replace some gear? At Mt. Everest, they dress our customers with everything needed to smash through the abdominal snowmen on any mountain. For apparel, they carry snowboard jackets, snowboard pants, ski jackets, ski pants, gloves, mittens, hats, beanies, goggles, socks, baselayers, hoodies, helmets & everything in between! Bundle up with top brands from North Face, Columbia, Ride, Burton, Bonfire, Anon, Oakley, Spyder and more!

Once warm, you still may need a mode of transportation down the mountain. They carry snowboards, snowboard bindings, snowboard boots, downhill skis, down ski bindings, ski poles, & parts for all the above. For the gnarly riders, they carry great brands from K2, Fischer, Salomon, Roxy, Nordica, Ride, Vans, Flow & just about every other brand you can think up.

Did the feather dust damage your snowboard or skis? Don’t worry as they have a full repair shop that can assist you. Their services include ski waxing, snowboard waxing, snowboard repair, ski repair, and ski & snowboard rentals as well as demos.

Before you hit the slopes at Mountain Creek in Vernon or Campgaw Mountain in Mahwah, swing in, get your gear & get tuned up! They are located near Washington Township, NJ – 07676; Hillsdale, NJ – 07642; Emerson, NJ – 07630.

Easton Stealth RS Hockey Stick

March 20, 2011

Mike Cammalleri of the Montreal Canadiens posted this tweet(@MCammalleri13) on March 18th: “LIGHTS OUT! New Stealth RS stick is here. Thanks @Easton_Hockey

Not much is known about the Easton Stealth RS stick other than a few rumors going around that it will be available to the public this fall and that it may cost close to $200. It will be interesting to see more players in the NHL sporting it and what they have to say about it.

Hockey Retailer – Total Hockey Adding Another Store in MN

March 18, 2011

Total Hockey, a specialty hockey retailer is opening their 11th location in Burnsville, Minnesota. Total Hockey currently operates 2 other stores in Minnesota including Maplewood and Minnetonka.

The new store is set to open May 1st and will feature over 16,000 sq ft in a strip mall Cobblestone Court. Burnsville is a great area for a specialty hockey retailer as there currently isnt one. Sports Authority, Dick’s Sporting Goods and Play It Again Sports have stores near by, but a large hockey specialty retailer will be great for the hockey players in the community.

If you are a new Total Hockey customer, they are a full line hockey store that sells hockey skates, hockey sticks, inline skates, goalie gloves, goalie sticks, protective hockey gear & apparel, hockey helmets, hockey stick shafts, hockey tape, and everything hockey for the coaches and hockey referees.

Total Hockey sells top brands like Bauer, Easton, Reebok, Warrior, CCM, Vaughn, Graf, Tour, Mission, Sher-wood, Shock Doctor and more.

Most products and brands are available in adult, youth, junior, and intermidiate sizes. Please call any of the Total Hockey locations to ask for availability.

Total Hockey – 16581 N Outer 40 Dr, Chesterfield, MO – 63005 (636)536-3640
Total Hockey – 254 THF Blvd, Chesterfield, MO – 63005 (636)537-4882
Total Hockey – 1230 W 75th St, Downers Grove, IL – 60516 (630)322-9850
Total Hockey – 1237 S Kirkwood Rd, Kirkwood, MO – 63122 (314)835-9131
Total Hockey – 2111 Founders Dr, Northbrook, IL – 60062 (847)205-0828
Total Hockey – 2751 Pfingsten Rd, Glenview, IL – 60025 (847)272-8930
Total Hockey – 1845 East County Road, Maplewood, MN – 55109 (651)777-7410
Total Hockey – 14200 Wayzata Boulevard, Minnetonka, MN – 55035 (763)208-3494
Total Hockey – 5833 Suemandy Dr, Saint Peters, MO – 63376 (636)397-6370
Total Hockey – 170 Barrington Rd, Schaumburg, IL -60194 (847)798-9820

Babolat Propulse 3 Tennis Shoes

March 3, 2011

Recently, I picked up a pair of the new Babolat Propulse 3 tennis shoes, so I thought I would offer my thoughts. I was excited to get these shoes on the court as they are the same pair that Andy Roddick sports.

Right away, these pass the eye test. The brand Babolat stretched down the side of the shoe won’t ring a bell like three stripes, a swoosh or a capital N, but they still look pretty cool. I received the white version, and along with silver accents, you get a pair of shiny black straps in the front and back to lock your ankle into place, which it does. It feels sort of like wearing high tops, though these are low tops and on the back strap features a little Andy Roddick signature. Too Cool, unless you’re a Roddick hater, and I’m sure there are some of you out there. To top off the star power of the shoe, they added the Michelin Man on the heel, because of the Michelin outsole they use. The Michelin outsole provides excellent traction for moving around the court. Another cool feature between the heel and forefront outsoles, a composite connecting piece gives added support.

I have worn these a few times on the court and they have exceeded my expectations. As far as athletic movement, I can see the appeal here. This shoe locks you in hard and gives you the responsiveness that you need for the boatload of lateral movement needed in tennis. These are the best tennis shoes I have owned in a long time as they are comfortable and offer the support and stability tennis players expect. The Propulse puts the rubber to the road like no other shoe I’ve worn, complete with A-Rod and the Michelin Man in tow.

Although Babolat is not a household name, they are a premier tennis company. The Propulse 3 are not cheap at $109.99 for men and $104.99 for women, but if you want a top end tennis shoe the Propulse is for you. These shoes can be found at most specialty tennis retailers and Sports Authority will start carrying a sizable selection of Babolat shoes this spring. To find other retailers that carry Babolat tennis equipment near you, use