SKLZ Lightning Bolt Pitching Machines

April 8, 2011

See Ball, Hit Ball.

This add-age is timeless in the world of baseball, and throughout all the advances in the game through training, scouting, thinking and coaching, it still reigns supreme.

So, in the spirit of that, SKLZ has created the Lightning Bolt Pro Pitching Machine. The idea behind the machine is seeing the ball like never before. This small, portable pitching machine is your choice for a batting trainer to use almost anywhere. For use with large bats, or small barreled bats, such as the SKLZ Livewire, the Lightning Bolt Pro pitches small baseballs at you for a supreme hand-eye coordination training.

As far as training devices go, this one does the trick, as barreling balls in baseball is a tough task, and anything to help develop that skill is very important. Much like playing stickball, or using small wiffle balls in training exercises. I’ve always been a supporter of what SKLZ has been trying to do, especially on the baseball side of things, and this training aid is no different. For $59.99, this is a great choice for a solid portable pitching machine.

The Lightning Bolt Pro pitches balls at roughly 30mph from 25 feet away, with a 5 second delay. It also comes with a shagger that holds up to 26 special lightning bolt balls, and it runs on a battery or AC adapter.

So, see ball, hit ball. Or See little ball, hit big ball easier.

The Lightning Bolt Pro can be found at your local Sports Authority or Dick’s Sporting Goods stores.

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