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The Spira Stinger XLT Shoes

May 30, 2011

Innovation is the driving force behind business, and innovators are usually rewarded handsomely for their efforts. This is especially true with segments of the market that see innovation made for better or for worst on nearly a weekly basis, some forever reshaping the industry, and some becoming punchlines and trivial pursuit answers.

So when a footwear company comes out an innovation, it always raises a few eyebrows. The Pump, Air, and Shox are just a few popular innovations of footwear in our time, and it’s no coincidence that they are nearly household names. One of the latest innovations in footwear technology is the WaveSpring from Spira Footwear. It is being praised by many as a great breakthrough in the industry, and something that is long overdue given its simplicity.

What it is and How it works- The WaveSpring is exactly what it sounds like, with waved springs inserted into the forefoot and heel of a running shoe, turning a normal shoe made of foam and high tech plastics into a crazy small pair of moonboots. The Wave Spring acts like a spring should, and returns energy given back to the source, while reducing peak impact by as much as 20%, which can make a world of difference during high impact activities such as running and jumping. If you’re worried about looking silly, you’re in luck, because the Spira shoes are a completely normal looking running shoe, except a slightly thicker sole to house the WaveSprings.

If you visit their site Spira Footwear, there is plenty to look at as far as technology, testimonials and products. If you’d like to find out who carries Spira Footwear in your area, search

Find Running Gear at Runner's Link

May 27, 2011

Find all your running gear at Runner’s Link, who are committed to friendly service and premium quality products. They are located at 2700 Marina Bay Dr in League City Texas. From the day they opened for business, their philosophy has been that the customer always comes first. Moreover, a trained fitter is always available to answer any questions, or to help you determine the appropriate product for your special needs. Your comfort and satisfaction is very important to them.

Runners Link CouponAre you looking where to find great customer service & a wide variety of running products? Runner’s Link carries compression pants, heart rate monitors, hydration packs, insoles, iPod accessories, men’s running shoes, women’s running shoes, nutrition drinks, running vests, reflective apparel, running shorts, water bottles and more!

They have brands for everyone from elite runners and walkers to beginners! Brooks, Mizuno, Thorlos, Body Glide, Feetures, Mueller, Spenco, GU Energy Gel, Nathan, Vespa, Amphipod, Fuel Belt, Saucony, Under Armour, Vibram & more.

Need to find the best fitting running shoe? They analyze shoe fittings by using a computerized footpring analysis machine that tells us your arch type, pressure points, center of gravity and your shoe size. Along with that information, and based on how you walk (pronation/supanation) we fit into a shoe that is going to work best for your foot type!

The Runner’s Link is conveniently located near Webster, TX – 77598, Houston, TX – 77058 & Dickinson, TX – 77539. Stop in today!

Now Available… Phiten Socks

May 26, 2011

So a few months back there, I wrote an article ripping Power Balance and the admission of their phony bracelets, but at the same time admitted to being a Phiten necklace owner (even though I can’t find the thing). I wouldn’t say that I’m a Phiten believer, but I like their products, acknowledge that there is some technology put into them, rather than a hologram sticker, and like that they are an official product of Major League Baseball.

So with all that being said, I was intrigued to find out that they are partnering with Hickory Brands to roll out a new line of socks. Socks, you say? Yes, Phiten socks. Although it does sound a little ridiculous, I’m actually interested to see what kind of technology they can throw into a pair of socks, and how they’ll feel. Now aqua titanium isn’t a miracle substance, in fact, it’s probably more sham than breakthrough, but I can’t deny the feeling I get with I put a Phiten necklace on; and having that all over my foot, if that’s indeed how it works, would be pretty cool.

The problem I see here is that these socks will be undoubtedly very expensive currently from $13 to $19, and the Phiten necklace craze is wayyyyyyyy more about MLB fashion that actual product performance. So, unless they’re making knee high socks for baseball (which is ALWAYS a good look), I don’t know that people will be knocking down their door to buy these socks. I can appreciate a nice pair of socks, I own one nice pair. The rest? Pretty cheap, relatively speaking. I know there are people out there who are willing to pay $5 for a pair of socks, but I’m not sure that enough of them are Phiten fans to make this idea really pay off.

Time will tell how this pays off, and I like Phiten enough to refrain from snickering….too much, but any time a successful sports company branches out into new territory, it’s exciting for everyone.

Sneakerpedia from Foot Locker

May 23, 2011

Everyone loves Wikipedia. Everyone loves Facebook(sort of). So the combination of the two would be a great undertaking of information and culture, opinions and styles.

Especially when it comes to sneakers.

Posted by BennyBoi - 2002 Adidas Climacool

Foot Locker has recently launched Sneakerpedia, a website devoted to those devoted to footwear collection; a niche/fetish that spans ages, sexes, countries, and many other social barriers. The sneaker collecting types are a rabid bunch, and other than showing off your collection of facebook(which would be a little weird); the site provides an outlet for those to share their collections, and from what it sounds like, a decent platform to sort through the masses and connect with other sneaker enthusiasts.

Foot Locker wanted to give back to the segment of the population that has made them the place to buy sneakers and if this site catches on the way they think it will, it should be a fun place for sneaker fans to meet and discuss. My interest in this story, not being of the sneaker loving ilk, is the potential to move to other spectrums. True, there’s already hundreds of forums out there for every interest known to man, but this could be an interesting format that hasn’t been done by a major retailer in the industry. I look forward to see the development perhaps budding into something more widespread, and possibly moving on into interests that I have, like hockey jerseys, softball bats, and Jonas Brothers ticket stubs(Just Kidding).

So all in all, I applaud Foot Locker, for their contribution to a society they helped spawn. It’s nice to see a company give back something fun to their people, especially with such a passionate and specific fan base. Find where to buy all your sneakers, basketball shoes and casual shoes or find a local Foot Locker store at

NFL to Help Fund New Vikings Stadium?

May 19, 2011

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The Vikings’ stadium situation has been one of much contention, especially in the North Star state. From the rumblings and complaining just years after the Metrodome was built, all the way to the poetically sad and funny at the same time footage of the inflatable roof collapsing under the weight of the tons of Minnesota snow.

Open the floodgates, and let that new stadium smell roll in.

Fast forward a few months to the midst of the NFL lockout, and Roger Goodell is in the Twin Cities for negotiations, and just happened to swing by the new proposed site that the Vikings and Ramsey County have agreed on. He gets real excited to see another state of the art NFL stadium and promises to lend a monetary helping hand to get the deal done.

Let that sink in for a second.

Now, the Vikings plan is looking for $1.1 Billion, Minnesota is willing to contribute $300 Million, The Vikings said they’ll toss in $407 Million, which leaves nearly $400 million left to finance. Now I really doubt the NFL is picking up the remainder of that tab, but you gotta think Goodell’s promise of financial help would be in the 9 figure range, which is pretty mind-blowing. This sets an interesting and perhaps welcome precedent, as it makes sense for a multi billion dollar entity like the NFL to help its members make money. The Vikings would potentially be rolling in cash with a new stadium compared to the revenue the Metrodome generates, just ask the Twins.

So does this mean the NFL is committed to Minnesota? Despite Judge Susan Nelson’s best efforts, I suppose so. This is also interesting given the promise to Los Angeles that they would get a team inside this decade, as the Vikings were on the short list to relocate. Perhaps this spells certain disaster for the Jacksonville Jaguars, one of the few teams ahead of the Vikings on the block. So long story short, Goodell wants the Vikings to stay, and he’ll shell out to get it.

Back to the precedent set, I think this is something that should be worked into the new collective bargaining agreement: Stadium funds! Every 2 years, a pot of roughly $300-400 Million will be escrowed to provide teams with assistance in building a new Football Stadium. Despite the rash of new and wonderful stadiums being built, a dozen teams still play in subpar venues and that healthy of a cash donation from Papa Football would certainly tip the scales to get some teams into new digs. This year- the Vikings, in two years, the Raiders, Dolphins, Chargers, Saints, etc… The list goes on and on. Think about the level of excitement in the league with a new stadium being opened every two years. The owners paying more and the tax payers paying less, we doubt it, but it should be an option.

Find Insignia Baseball Gloves at Sports Authority

May 17, 2011

Fully Customizable, Made in the USA, and coming to a store near you. Indy Baseball company Insignia has hit the shelves of The Sports Authority, Offering the line of fully customizable American made gloves to customers, along with a small selection of pre-made gloves in store. Who is Insignia, you say? The short answer is a Nokona-like quality glove manufacturer based out of Worchester, MA., here’s a great article I dug up on them from about a month ago at

Being part of select Sports Authority’s stores will undoubtedly increase sales for this small glovemaker, and hopefully reaps much success for a small American operation up against many foreign competitors. The gloves come in a variety of different styles, sizes and colors. The price for the gloves starts at $159.99 and goes all the way up to $299.99 for the top of the line models. Find out if anyone else in your area carries Insignia baseball gloves by searching at

Overload/Underload Training System from SKLZ

May 13, 2011

Who doesn’t want to hit like Albert Pujols?

Pujols, the SKLZ endorser and soon to be very, very rich Cardinals slugger is something special in baseball. We take him for granted now, but the production put up by this guy is amongst the game’s best, Ruth, Gehrig and Rodriguez included. So naturally, anything endorsed by him is going to draw some attention.

The latest Pujols punctuated product is the Overload/Underload Training System, which is a fancy way of saying the Power Stick and Quick Stick combo pack. Both are narrow training bats, and as the names suggest, both focus on developing your swing in unique ways.

Power Stick is the Overload portion of the training system, and features a 30 oz bat meant to get you to swing harder, and bring more boom to your bat. Combine the heavy weight with small training ball and a very narrow barrel, and you’ve got a solid training mechanism. An analogy would be like hitting golf balls with a lead pipe.

Quick Stick is the same idea, with a different swing. The Quick Stick wants you to swing fast, really fast, with a mere 12 oz bat, and the same training balls used fo the Power Stick. Not to take sides, but I’m a solid follower of the school of thought were you swing fast, not hard. Swinging fast promotes loose muscles and bat speed, whereas swinging hard promotes tense muscles and slower bat speeds.

Either school of thought you buy into, this training system gives you options, and a good mix of training. Either bat you use, the important part is developing more muscle memory on your swing, so it’s all good. You can pick one up online here for $49.99 or you can buy this baseball training aid at one of your local Sports Authority or Dick’s Sporting Goods locations.