The Spira Stinger XLT Shoes

May 30, 2011

Innovation is the driving force behind business, and innovators are usually rewarded handsomely for their efforts. This is especially true with segments of the market that see innovation made for better or for worst on nearly a weekly basis, some forever reshaping the industry, and some becoming punchlines and trivial pursuit answers.

So when a footwear company comes out an innovation, it always raises a few eyebrows. The Pump, Air, and Shox are just a few popular innovations of footwear in our time, and it’s no coincidence that they are nearly household names. One of the latest innovations in footwear technology is the WaveSpring from Spira Footwear. It is being praised by many as a great breakthrough in the industry, and something that is long overdue given its simplicity.

What it is and How it works- The WaveSpring is exactly what it sounds like, with waved springs inserted into the forefoot and heel of a running shoe, turning a normal shoe made of foam and high tech plastics into a crazy small pair of moonboots. The Wave Spring acts like a spring should, and returns energy given back to the source, while reducing peak impact by as much as 20%, which can make a world of difference during high impact activities such as running and jumping. If you’re worried about looking silly, you’re in luck, because the Spira shoes are a completely normal looking running shoe, except a slightly thicker sole to house the WaveSprings.

If you visit their site Spira Footwear, there is plenty to look at as far as technology, testimonials and products. If you’d like to find out who carries Spira Footwear in your area, search

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