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DSG Grand Opening in Coon Rapids

July 28, 2011

Dick’s Sporting Goods is opening their new store in Coon Rapids, MN on Friday, July 29th. The store is located at 12661 Riverdale Blvd in Coon Rapids, MN 55448. They will have NHL players available as well as offering giveaways and promotions. Dustin Byfuglien will be there on Friday from 12pm to 2pm and Paul Martin will be making an appearance from 12pm to 2pm on Saturday.

The giveaways that will be offered will be free Adidas T-Shirts on Friday while supplies last. On Saturday(July, 30th), the store will be giving away a free pair of Crocs(limit one per household and must be 18 years or older) to the first 100 shoppers; on Sunday(July 31st), the first 100 shoppers will receive unmarked a mystery gift card with varying denominations from $5 to one lucky $500 gift card (limit one per household and must be 18 years or older).

This store is located across the street from rival Sports Authority and goes along with DSG’s agenda to expand and add several hundred stores over the next few years. The store offers the best in team sports, outdoor, fishing, fitness and golf equipment. They also offer the top brands in apparel, footwear, water sports, winter sports and more.

The Gen-A-Rider Stationary Bike

July 13, 2011

Remember the old ‘This is Sportscenter’ TV spot where Lance Armstrong is powering the offices at ESPN by riding a bike hooked up to the power grid?

SB300 Elite

Turns out, this may have been a hilarious glimpse to the future. With everyone going green and literally measuring their carbon footprints on smartphones, it was a matter of time before manpower was effectively put to use in fraying the energy crisis. Couple that with the renewed focus we have on fitness and exercise, and you have a merger of trends sure to excite.

That brings me to the Gen-A-Rider, which is a cleverly named stationary bike to actually uses your workout to create energy. Using the magic of magnets and some simple electronics, the Gen-A-Rider works like a car’s alternator to put a charge into whatever you want. Imagine a workout where you can charge your cellphone, run your ipod dock, or make a fresh fruit smoothie in your blender, all without taping into the power grid. What really tops off the deal for some people is that the Gen-A-Rider can actually put power back into your grid as well, producing power for your house to run on, while giving your power company and wallet a slight break in the action. This is the part that really interests me, you’re essentially getting paid to workout at that point, which is fantastic motivation to go with the already obvious benefits of a spin bike workout. Imagine working out religiously to the point of eliminating your power bill! However unlikely that may be, it is very thought provoking.

Now with top of the line green technology like this, you’re going to have to shell out a bit for any of the Gen-A-Rider models, but actually, they aren’t a far cry more expensive than similar spinning bikes, considering all of the added benefit you get from the power creating machine. the SB300 Executive starts at $1,600 and goes up to $1,900, while the Elite version starts at $1,700 and goes up to $2,200. Any way you slice it, the money may be well worth it, given the physical, economic and environmental impacts.

Nike opens 'Salvation' store in Malibu

July 10, 2011

“Nike today announced the opening of its third “action sports” store, targeted at skateboard riders, snowboarders, and BMX bikers. The store, located in Malibu, Calif., features “a fresh attitude, innovative consumer experiences, market tailored product offerings, community resources and the introduction of customization services,” a news release says.”

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The Riddell Ripkord

July 5, 2011

One of the biggest things that is changing the sporting goods industry right now is injury prevention and safety, so it should come as no surprise that leading football manufacturers are shifting their focus more towards preventing pain more than providing punishment.

The Van Nuys, California based Riddell is a leading name in the game of football equipment, and it follows that they as well would like to make the game safer. Along with the many advancements they’ve made in helmet technology, they’ve got something new- The Ripkord system.

The Ripkord is a system that is built into the shoulder pads that allows for quick, and most importantly, safe removal of shoulder pads during a head or neck injury situation. It works by interconnecting all of the shoulder pads moving parts to the Ripkord system, making the equipment dismantle easily and removed safely from the player. One huge benefit is allowing the shoulder pads to be removed without flipping the player over, which is nearly impossible with less than 3 people, and highly dangerous in the possibility of a neck or spinal injury. It also allows easier access to the chest in CPR situations.

It’s refreshing to see the innovative powers of sporting goods giants use their mighty research and development power not only for improving the game, but for making it safer. We’ve come a long way from leather helmets and goalposts in the field of play, and these steps in the safer direction can only be positive. This particular innovation is one of the latest from Riddell, and therefore will only be featured on the CPX shoulder pads for this season, but will be widely available next year, after making the rounds at several trade shows countrywide. To find out who carries Riddell football equipment in your area, search