Gator Sports Inc. goes from Garage to Worldwide Sales

August 5, 2012

Just over 30 years ago, Kent Jones, along with his wife and daughter, started Gator Sports Inc. in a garage with just one product. Now the Salt Lake City-based company has more than 20 products and sells them worldwide.

The first product from Gator Sports was a face protector that can be used for skiing, snowmobiling, fishing, hunting and other outdoor activities.

Jones said he came up with the idea for the face protector because he’s always been an avid outdoorsman. While skiing, he’d get windburn on his face and he wanted something that could prevent that while being adjustable, said Jones. Jones heard of a material called neoprene that was being used for jet way curtains in Ogden, Utah. The neoprene curtains had leftover pieces Jones used to make a prototype of the face protector. Now his company works out of a 14,000-square foot warehouse and makes a variety of other products including neoprene socks, face protectors, water bottles and more.


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