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The Sportrabbit blog will focus on sporting goods news, opinions, product reviews and more. We will also offer our insight on new sporting goods products, equipment buyers guides as well as some unique stories in the world of sports.


Cale Loken
I am Co-Founder of Sportrabbit.com. I have a passion for all things sports and the equipment needed to play them. I previously worked in a sporting goods retail environment for over 10 years and I can provide insight and thoughts on a variety of topics. Please send me an email with any comments or suggestions, I would love to hear from you. Thanks for stopping by.

David Holden
Most of my posts will focus on sporting goods and sports news. Hopefully my years of experience in the sporting goods industry, coupled with my resources at Sportrabbit.com can provide you with an entertaining, informational experience that (hopefully many of) you will follow. Thank you for stopping by and feel free to drop me a note.

If your company has a new product and are interested in having us write about it, please contact us at info@sportrabbit.com.

If you own a sporting goods store and are interested in having us promote your recent company news contact us at info@sportrabbit.com.

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